Phone Message Broadcasting with Auto Dialer

Phone message broadcasting being one of the most efficient ways to organize a promotion campaign is nevertheless quite expensive. Calling thousands of subscribers, recording answers, organizing wide product promotion by phone – all of these would normally require a large-scale call center, but it is possible to achieve the same goal with significant less efforts.

Cost-Effective Solution for Broadcasting Voice Messages by Phone

The solution is called Auto Dialer – a professional phone broadcast software tool. Indeed, why setup a high-cost hardware call center, when you can perform the same task with a simple software application working via VoIP service provider?

Auto Dialer imports a list of traditional phone numbers or SIP numbers, automatically dials all of them using VoIP service provider, IP PBX system including Asterisk or a hardware PBX, waits for the answer and replays a predefined voice message to the line. Once done, the software can also record a response. The entire process is performed 100% automatically. Needless to say, such capabilities allow you to run a scale marketing campaign, or a political survey by phone or a promo action, in other words – any kind of a phone broadcast task.

Auto dialer broadcast voice message screen

No Special Knowledge Is Necessary

Auto Dialer is a simple Wizard-like application. Following the steps of the Wizard you can easily configure the program. On the first step you configure VoIP settings needed to make calls, then you can record an audio message to be played out to each respondent and then specify a list of phone numbers to dial.

Since the program dials every number up to the stop, that is, it doesn’t give up if a number is busy or an answering machine is at the other end, you can be certain that your politic campaign will reach all voters, every single one of them.

Power up a Marketing or a Political Campaign with Auto Dialer

Summarizing the above said information, Auto Dialer is superior dial software capable of handling almost every activity that requires heavy, industrial voice broadcasting by phone. Whether you perform a sales promotion or a political campaign – Auto Dialer is irreplaceable utility to automate your needs!