Auto Dialer - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Auto Dialer?

Auto Dialer is a software for broadcasting voice message by phone. It does not require any special equipment or knowledge. All you need is just an Internet connection.

2. Can I use Auto Dialer to call to cell phones?

Of course, you can. Auto Dialer can make calls to landline phones, cell phones and SIP phones.

3. Can I use Skype as a VoIP provider?

Actually, yes, but make sure you have a Skype Connect Account It is not enough to have a simple Skype account.

4. How do I setup Auto Dialer with a VoIP service providers

Please read the Auto Dialer Quick Start Guide and What is VoIP Service Provider

5. Can Auto Dialer make simultaneous phone calls?

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer allows to make up to 5 simultaneous calls.

6. What is a phone number format?

A phone number format depends on your VoiP service provider. Most likely, you need to use an international format(11 digit number including the area code and country code). For example: 14251235678. For some international calls you may be needed to add a prefix like 011.

7. Does Auto Dialer detect an answering machine?

Yes, it does. If a call is answered by an answering machine, Auto Dialer listens for the whole "Welcome message" and waits for the beep. And only then plays the message.

8. How many calls can Auto Dialer make in an hour?

For a typical 30 second message, on average, you are looking at making 1 call per minute, and 60 calls per hour on a single line.