Phone Notification with Auto Dialer

Business is dynamics. As long as your business grows - new products get released, new options become available, and you should let your customers know about this. Notification by phone is perhaps the easiest and, at the same time, efficient way to keep your clients informed. However, voice notifications by phone are quite tricky and time-consuming operation. Indeed, you need to make a call to thousands of peoples, wait for them to answer and play your notification. Apparently, there must be an easier way to perform this, other than creating a full-featured call center.

Auto Dialer – VoIP-powered Phone Notification Software

One of possible solutions and perhaps the most cost-effective one is using VoIP service providers to send phone notifications. VoIP calls are cheaper and do not require any hardware. The only requirement is a high speed Internet connection. One of such VoIP tools is Auto Dialer – a software phone broadcast application capable of sending hundreds of voice notifications by phone per hour.

Technically Perfect Plus Easy To Use

The application implements the support for both software VoIP technology and hardware PBX systems. It takes a bunch of phone numbers and dials them simultaneously, then waits for the line to answer and replays a pre-recorded audio notification. The entire process is managed within the simple, Wizard-style interface doesn’t require any special knowledge to run. Virtually all you need is to specify your VoIP service provider settings, import phone or sip numbers from a CSV file and specify a file with the phone notification you want to be sent to your clients.

Such simple yet utterly flexible system allows you to fulfill any job, just to name a few: to send a new product notification to existing clients; tell customers of another product related to the one they already have; remind subscribers of a recurring payment; notify debtors of an outstanding balance and so on.

Automate Your Phone Notifications

Best of all, Auto Dialer not only sends notifications by phone, it also records an answer if order it to. Imagine: you don’t have to assign a dozen of employees for the phone job. You merely run Auto Dialer and it effectively dials out every respondent, plays your voice notification and accurately saves the answer whether it is a voice message or a tone signal. Auto Dialer easily installs onto any Windows system starting from Win XP, it works flawlessly without your intervention. Just set it up for the first time and let it do the rest of the work for you!