Phone Survey with Auto Dialer – an Efficient Business Instrument

Phone polls are classic way to obtain the information directly from the target audience. A survey done by phone not only provides the fresh and the most actual information from the first hand, it also the most personalized approach right after a private talk, and thus it provides the most accurate information. Indeed, surveys are a great tool, and they are used everywhere, in marketing, in politics, in social programs, as a customer support mechanism etc. It would not be a gross exaggeration to say that phone surveys and polls are a popular and efficient instrument in all fields of business and social activity.

Automate Phone Surveys with Auto Dialer

Hence, it is not surprise that automation of phone surveys is a popular point of interest in today’s world. Despite phone polls by themselves aren’t new, well, after all it seems they appeared not long after the phone invention itself, the modern VoIP technologies have made this process much more simpler.

Auto Dialer is a new generation of VoIP call systems. It dials a pre-defined set of phone or sip numbers using VoIP service provider or hardware PBX systems and replays a recorded question to each respondent. It doesn’t give up if the line is busy, so the survey question will be finally delivered to every number. Once it played a message, it switches to the recording mode and saves the answer of a respondent as a WAV file named after the phone number. Conveniently, Auto Dialer can record not only voice comments, but also key presses, and that opens a wide range of possibilities: optional choices, votes for different products, a poll with suggested answers and so on.

Time and Money Saving

Auto Dialer calls using software VoIP services or hardware PBX systems. In particular such approach leads to two significant bonuses: a) your calls are made simultaneously (in case your VoIP provider supports that, of course) which extremely decreases overall time needed to conduct a survey; and b) each call’s cost is extremely low comparing with traditional phone lines.

Start a Phone Survey in Merely 3 Steps

Let’s say, for instance, you want to set up a phone survey with a single question: “Have you heard of NameOfProduct?”. Now, the steps you should follow are: 1) set up your VoIP settings; 2) specify an audio file from some folder on your computer, or record a new one if you don’t have a message yet; 3) load phone numbers and click the Dial button. Auto Dialer processes each number and replays a message to the line and waits for the answer. The entire progress of the work is visually displayed on the screen.

A Bullet-Proof Automatic Phone Survey Product

The best things about Auto Dialer are its bullet-proof stability and the easy to use, Wizard-style interface. Except the initial configuration that includes VoIP adjustment, importing a list of phone numbers, and supplying a WAV file with poll’s question, no other steps are required to run your own automatic phone survey. You don’t have to be a connectivity expert, nor do you need a hardware call-center with dozen of employees doing the job. Auto Dialer is an efficient and inexpensive way to perform the same task, and it does it well.