What is VoIP Service Provider

VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol", which is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using your Internet connection instead of your regular phone service. The only requirement for this technology is a high speed Internet access.

To start your broadcast campaign with Auto Dialer you need to have an account credentials for a VoIP service provider.

VoIP service providers are companies which allow you to make phone calls to landline or cell phones over the Internet. Some VoIP service providers offer service plans that are specifically tailored to users that call mostly inside a specific country. For example, you can get a plan with free calls inside US & Canada. Please find the list of some popular VoIP service providers below:

Upon signing up with a service provider, you will receive your VoIP account credentials. Usually, in the following form:

  • Domain: myvoipprovider.com
  • User Name/Autorization Name: a11208sZtad7QIrQ (sometimes, User and Autorization Names are different)
  • Password: yourpassword

Auto Dialer VoIP service provider settings

You may also be given two credentials in one, for instance: a11208sZtad7QIrQ@myvoipprovider.com and a password. Please type these setting to the following form to configure Auto Dialer:

If you also have received other data, you can enter them by clicking the “More Settings” button.

Please note, if you have any troubles configuring your VOIP service with Auto Dialer, we are glad to assist you. Just contact to team@voice2phone.com.