Voice2Phone VoIP dialer system can help businesses save money and time when contacting new or existing customers.

Voice-over-Internet (VoIP) phone systems have been around for almost 20 years and offer unparalleled flexibility for home and business use. These innovative systems allow business owners to use the full potential of their broadband connections to perform basic and advanced telephony services. One of the most important innovations in the VoIP industry has been the creation of voip auto dialer systems for business use. These VoIP broadcast systems offer significant advantages for business; they can free up valuable staff time and save the company money by reducing the number of phone lines required for regular business operations.

Uses of auto dialer VoIP systems

VoIP auto dialer software can be used in a variety of business and organizational environments. Typical uses for these advanced VoIP dialers include:

  • Contacting individuals in a phone tree
  • Providing urgent information to a predefined list of individuals
  • Alerting customers or clients to a sale or other special event
  • Fundraising for charity or another worthy cause
  • Marketing a new product or service
  • Raising political awareness by informing the public about an issue or a candidate
  • Informing group members of a change in a planned event
  • Appealing for volunteers to meet an emergency need

When VoIP autodialer systems are used to advertise goods or services, they are sometimes referred to as telemarketing VoIP dialers. The same system can be programmed to deliver informational messages and would then be informally called a VoIP blaster. VoIP telemarketing systems are the best known and most common uses of this technology, but the versatility and usefulness of dialer VoIP software are well known and accepted by telephony experts in the business world.

Predictive VoIP auto dialer system

In some cases, it may be useful to obtain a response from the recipient of the VoIP broadcast. Predictive VoIP dialer software can be customized to allow the target of the call to press a button in response to a question or request. They can then be transferred to a customer service representative for additional help or to an answering service to set up an appointment. Some predictive VoIP auto dialer systems simply record the response of the individual and keep a running tally of the ongoing responses for evaluation and assessment. This added functionality can provide valuable market research at a minimal cost for businesses.

Advantages of VoIP auto dialer systems

Systems like the Voice2Phone basic and predictive VoIP auto dialer software packages can help businesses stay in touch with their customers while reducing the cost of these direct telephonic contacts. Companies can free up staff time that would otherwise be spent calling clients directly. Because VoIP dialers can make multiple calls by using the available bandwidth, businesses can avoid the expense of purchasing additional telephone trunk lines that will only be used on rare occasions. VoIP broadcast systems are one of the most cost effective ways to manage large-scale communication with clients, customers and members.

The Voice2Phone VoIP Auto Dialer is an outstanding and cost-effective solution for most small to medium-sized businesses. By incorporating these advanced telephony solutions into their own workflows and processes, most companies will save money and time while ensuring that their clients are informed and aware of the latest events and sales available from the business.