Voice broadcasting by phone via VoIP helps you achieve more in less time

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is capable of making large numbers of simultaneous phone calls via a high-speed Internet connection. The number of simultaneous calls is limited only by the power and bandwidth of your computer and your VoIP provider, making this an outstanding choice for small and midsize businesses.
Touch tone, voice or both – you decide what responses to record
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer software can be configured to accept and record both touch tone and voice responses for added flexibility for you and your target audience. Never miss a response again with our advanced auto dialer software system.
User-prompted transfers to a live operator
Auto Dialer Operator or Predictive Dialer software can be configured to allow customers, clients and call targets to press "one" to reach an operator at any time. This can provide more flexibility for you and your clients in making contact through these advanced calling solutions.
No wasted calls with the automatic voice mail and answering machine recognition feature
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer includes an automatic voice mail and answering machine recognition option that can be configured to your specifications. This feature automatically delivers your recorded message after the "beep" to ensure that your message gets through on every call.
Our VoIP auto dialer solutions help you maintain compliance with applicable Do Not Call laws
All Voice2Phone solutions incorporate controls that keep you compliant with the provisions of the National Do Not Call Registry. The software can be programmed to incorporate any state and local restrictions as well, ensuring that you stay on the right side of the law.

Group Calling Online Service

The Voice2Phone Group Calling Online Service is a web portal which delivers your recorded personalized voice message to your entire phone list. Group calling service is cost-effective and easy to use, making it a valuable asset for office environments, schools, churches and non-profits organizations.

VoIP Auto Dialer Desktop Software

The VoIP Auto Dialer software is a windows-based application which uses VoIP and SIP technology to automatically call each number on your list, deliver your recorded voice message and, if appropriate, record any responses by the call recipient. Auto Dialer Software can record touch tone key responses as well as speech.